Who We Are

At PuroxyIO, we build our own servers from state of the art hardware to ensure the utmost control quality and security. This systematic approach enables us to guarantee hardware resources are dedicated to you and your services. Additionally, to guarantee maximum redundancy of our network, your PuroxyIO server is linked to a double routing point to maintain performance and optimize speed.

Why choose us?

Ranging from clients seeking to host a basic website for personal needs, to entrepreneurs seeking enterprise-level server solutions, PuroxyIO is here to assist all clients across all demographics, at all levels of infrastructure.

Security Management

At PuroxyIO, we devote significant attention to the security and safety of your data. In order to guarantee the highest level of security, we carefully calibrate our security equipment to be process specific. We also employ an around-the-clock team of administrators to manage all levels of infrastructure, so that your needs are immediately addressable under any condition.